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Zach Scioli founded Revolutionary Health in late 2009 to begin to guide clients on their journey to health. As a child, Zach struggled with a myriad of health problems from being overweight to battling with chronic fatigue, acne and much more. He initially sought the mainstream model of heath with hopeful intention. However, after endless physician visits, things not only didn't get any better, they actually got worse.

It came to a point where he hit rock bottom with his health, and realized that if anyone was going to really help him reclaim his health, it was going to have to be himself.

Zach spent the next 10 years of his life studying what health really is, why so many struggle with health, and how to re-establish it. In doing this research he discovered that many of the paradigms we believe about health and wellness in America are actually not supported by research and truth. From eastern perspectives on health to traditional fitness and nutrition, to meditation and the latest biomedical research; he studied it all. Things started off slow, but everyday things got better, and better, easier and easier. Eventually, he realized all his ailments were resolved, and he hadn't just regained a baseline level of health, yet actually achieved a higher level of health then ever before. " It was figuratively like going from driving a dated economy car around, to stepping in a Ferrari - I was READY for life. I had no idea I could experience life in such an empowered way".

Realizing how deeply empowering and transformative the entire process was, he decided to dedicate his career to showing other people the "path" to enjoying their lives to the fullest. Zach went on to study Health Education at San Francisco State University with a minor in Holistic Studies. From that point he acquired his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certificate of Personal Training. As well as, his Crossfit Level 1 Certification, TRX, and American Kettlebell Certifications and several others. Zach has passionately trained many clients over the years and prides himself on evidenced based results for clients, and amazing success stories just like his own. As Revolutionary Health grows, he never stops having the student mentality to obtain new certifications and stay deeply steeped in new biomedical research.

His coaching is a personalized approach to fitness and wellness that recognizes that every client is different and unique. He custom builds a custom program for each and every client.  In contrast to most conventional training methods, which are almost entirely focused on linear training modalities, and impersonalized dietary recommendations. His coaching optimizes health by addressing the systemic causes of problems blocking a client from peak wellness. Though a 6-pack may be a delightful side affect of his approach, his primary goal is to establish, and maintain the health, happiness, and longevity of your body; giving you the tools you need to take charge of your health for the rest of your life...


  • Bachelors of Science in Health Education - San Francisco State University
  • Minor of Science in Holistic Studies
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certificate of Personal Training. (NASM)
  • Primal Blueprint Certified Expert
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
  • TRX  Suspension Training
  • American Kettlebell Certification
  • CHEK Scientific Core Training


“It is every person’s human birth right to be vibrant and healthy. Unfortunately at the moment we live in a society and culture which doesn’t value health as wealth. Our very environments, lifestyles, and basic food options promote sedentary and toxic habits. The revolutionary health program is all about reclaiming our inner light to not just get by, but to downright thrive as we were designed to. To get back in our bodies and remember that heart-beating-through-your-chest type of feeling good. Learn how to take control of our health and become sovereign once again. It is my mission to deeply enrich and empower people’s experience of this special thing called LIFE...”