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Revolutionary Health operates out of the highest ranked private studio in San Francisco - DIAKADI



Your body is a vehicle, a vehicle that needs regular servicing and maintenance. Unfortunately, the degree, the career, the family, the fun; all made it hard to get in for the tune up. Things are breaking down, you're not running like you used to. You're tired of being tired; over being over weight. It's time to take it into the shop before the repairs are irreversable.



All potential clients meet with Zach at DIAKADI for a complementary consultation. This meeting includes a tour of the 14,000 sq ft facility, and highlight of amenities. This meet and greet includes discussion of personal goals, health history, lifestyle analysis. Zach illustrates the RH Program theory and application, and how every clients individual needs are met.  Scheduling, pricing, packages, and strategy are outlined.



Every RH client receives a complementary Physical Assessment. This session is vital to collect data to custom design an individual program depending on a client's specific needs. Things like historic injuries, or chronic postural imbalances can lead to dysfunctional patterns in the body and cause pain and instability over time. Zach will verify the integrity of various physical systems and determine what is needed to bring the body back into alignment and harmony for  healthy lifestyle performance and effective program design. 



Humans are highly unique. Every person's individual biochemistry, history and movement patterns will dictate their specific program.  From injury rehabilitation, to extreme weight loss transformations,  competitive athletic performance, or aesthetic lifestyle enhancement - strategy is key. All programs include not only a movement program, but lifestyle hacking, stress reduction and personalized nutritional plans. 

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training sessions

Regular 55- minute training sessions are held at DIAKDI based on clients schedules and needs. Most clients train 2-4 days per week depending on goals. Workouts are never easy -  but always worth it. Daily objectives are specific and hierarchical. Progressions, phases, skill-sets, and body composition goals are based off of RH program protocols and are tracked accordingly. Whether a client is brand new to fitness, or and elite athlete, all workouts are scalable for the best possible training strategy.  Get ready.


Data and METRICS

Once program goals and objectives have been outlined for each individual client, strategy progress is measured and constantly evaluated. Movement, nutrition and lifestyle metrics are monitored to make sure progress is being made. Cutting edge tools are used to collect effective data and implement a scienticfic method.   



You made it! This deep and meaningful transformation is something no one can take away from you. The physical changes clients make topically are in reality the illustration of countless internal success honoring the best version of themselves. Clients attest to a whole new experience of their reality. Not just a better looking body, but a deep sense of wellness, increased mental focus and clarity, and sustained energy and vitality. Individuals begin to preform better at their jobs, personal relationships thrive, and new avenues for life open.  More importantly however is the unbreakable confidence developed from the tests of transformation in becoming the best you possible. 


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ”

— Henry David Thoreau